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She was born in Travis County on July 22, 1952 to Corinda and Leonard O. Moeller. Being raised on a farm left an indelible impression on Sally and shaped her Character, her value system and her work ethic. She Graduated from San Marcos High School and from Southwest Texas State University. Sally received many awards and honors during her school days. Her interests were eclectic. She was captain of the SWTSU Strutters and was also named the Lyndon B. Johnson Scholar, an academic award presented to the most outstanding government major.

On July 20, 1973, Sally married her soul mate, Tim Kingsbury. They has two sons, Klint and Kliff Kingsbury. Sally began her teaching career at New Braunfels High School where she taught government and was the sponsor of the Monocera Dance Team.

Her many students loved her unique teaching style and respected her tremendously because she treated each of them fairly and cared about them personally, as well as academically. Her colleagues and co-workers held Sally in highest esteem because of her competence and her professional ethics.

When Klint and Kliff were born, Sally quit teaching to focus on raising her boys. She was a loving and devoted mother and encouraged each of her sons to follow their dreams. Sally also had a passion for teaching aerobics and was one of the first certified instructors in Texas.

When Klint and Kliff got older and started school, teaching aerobics started interfering with the boys activities. Sally quit teaching aerobics and resumed her teaching career at New Braunfels High School so that her scheduled would fit in with the boys’. During this time, she initiated and implemented a highly successful elective course called Street Law and was the sponsor of the Mock Trial Team. In 1999, after twenty years, Sally ended her teaching career to pursue other interests and enjoy retirement with her husband, Tim.

Life had indeed come full circle and Sally was able to return to the family farm in Hays County. Nearly everyday, she would help her daddy work with the cattle, horses and other farm “critters.”

She Thoroughly enjoyed getting back to her roots and having quality time with her parents. Sally’s favorite line from Lonesome Dove was “it’s been one helluva party, Woodrow.” This quote sums up how she felt about life.

When she was 51, she was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma that first appeared in her right thigh. Her treatment included chemotherapy, radiation and removal of the tumor, followed by second round of chemotherapy. Sally completed the course of treatment and had an absolute belief that she would beat the horrible disease.

Eight months later, the tumor had metastasized to her right lung. again, Sally put on her gloves, courageously ready to fight her cancer. She had chemotherapy again and an operation to remove her right lung.

Sally maintained her dignity and her grit, but lost the fight to sarcoma cancer on December 16, 2005.

Sally was a true inspiration and positive influence to everyone who knew her. It was her hope that the search for a cure for sarcoma would continue beyond her life.

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